Placement Openings

At Fourth Avenue Homes we value people above all with the belief that we are here to serve the individual needs of the people entrusted in our care. We value individuality and diversity in all people and strive to provide person-centered, comprehensive care that involves the physical, mental, and social aspects of each individual. The goal of our service it to facilitate growth and development so that those we serve can learn the skills necessary to achieve their personal goals and dreams..

Current Placement Openings at Fourth Avenue Homes

County City Placement Type Male Openings Female Openings
SwiftBensonAdult Care02 Female
ChippewaClara CityAdult Care2 Male0
ChippewaKerkhovenAdult Care2 Male0
BrownNew UlmAdult Care2 Male0
KandiyohiSpicerAdult Care3 Male1 Female
WinonaGoodviewAdult Care1 Male0

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