Adult/Child Foster Care

Every person is someone who should feel valued and should have the opportunity to realize their potential – and we aim to provide services for people in the hardest situations.

Exceptional Adult/Child Foster Care Services

Fourth Avenue Homes is passionate about helping adults and children in foster care within a residential setting, as opposed to an institutionalized environment. When people are comfortable, they are more likely to thrive! That’s why our staff is available 24/7.

Fourth Avenue Homes Provides:

24-hour support

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Individualized/case-based help

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Services to vulnerable adults & children in a home

Fourth Avenue Homes, Inc. will even help adapt an individual’s home to meet their needs in hopes of accelerating their independence and helping them realize their innate potential.

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Individual Tailored Support for Adults and Children

At Fourth Avenue Homes, we tailor support to the individual. Here's a quick glimpse of what we do:

  • Teach essential living skills to build independence
  • Demonstrate and help with regular household duties
  • Further their connection with their local community and other community organizations through socialization and participation opportunities
  • Develop health and wellness habits and awareness
  • Assist with various activities central to daily living
  • Provide transport to and participate in community inclusive activities
  • Conduct medication oversight and scheduling
  • Provide advice on money management and budgeting
  • Help with behavioral support
Mentally Disabled Woman With A Second Woman And A Companion Dog

Care-Based Services Promote Independence

Our services are ideal for people who need case-based help but don’t require structured support and want to achieve independence.

The people we help include:

  • people with disabilities who need ongoing care, assistance, and advocacy
  • those with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • people with mental health issues including PTSD
  • those suffering from a brain injury
  • people with various respite care needs

HCBS Waivers through Medicaid

You may qualify for HCBS Waivers through Medicaid to receive this service from us. 

Visit the HCBS Waivers page at now to see if you or a person in your care meets the criteria for this vital service that may come at a minimal (or zero) cost to you.

Fourth Avenue Homes Service Area

We respect the dignity, spirit, rights, and needs of each person we work with. At Fourth Avenue Homes we assist in the growth and development of people so that they can learn the skills necessary to be contributing members of their communities.

We work with individuals in the following counties:

  • Blue Earth County
  • Brown County
  • Carver County
  • Chippewa County
  • Kandiyohi County
  • Meeker County
  • Nicollet County
  • Olmsted County
  • Rice County
  • Steele County
  • Swift County
  • Winona County

Support Starts Here!

If you know someone who could benefit from help from Fourth Avenue Homes, refer them to us!

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